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Speaker Webinar with Kyle Davey


Kyle Davey is the coordinator of athletic performance at Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. with special interests in speed development and hamstring and ACL injury prevention. “I believe speed is king for most positions and most sports, asymmetry increases injury risk, and strength is a means to an end (athletic performance) and not the end itself.”

Topics: running, speed development, injury prevention. 

Mask for athletes Donation Event

This Event is

Sew and create masks at home for low income high school sports teams! If you are interested, please schedule a pick up to donate your sporting/exercise equipment BELOW.  Community service hours can be earned: one undamaged, homemade mask is worth 20 minutes! We have donated over 5,200 masks to our underprivileged athletes!

Athlete mentorship Community Event


We are hosting a mentorship program where volunteers oversee young athletes and children at youth sports day camps! You will assist the head coach and help with instructions throughout the physical exercises. 

Due to the Omicron variant, we are expecting to launch in May 2022. However, the date of this event can change based on the COVID situation and event regulations. 

Sporting Equipment Donation Event

This Event is

Donate your used athletic equipment to low income schools and charities! If you are interested, please schedule a pick up to donate your sporting/exercise equipment BELOW. You will be awarded with two hours of community service hours by donating your equipment! We have donated over 220 equipment to our underprivileged athletes!

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Past events

Dr. Adam Cordona

We invited Dr. Adam Cardona, who comes to us with more than 16 years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry. Cardona went over the fundamentals of warm up and cool down for the athlete in the role of injury prevention! Check him out: 

Anthony Watson

We invited Anthony Watson, the first athlete to represent Jamaica in the Winter Olympics, to a speaker event! Watson shared his life story, sports journey, various challenges faced, the turning point of his career, and different advice for future athletes. Check him out: 

Dr. Carlo Sayo

We invited Dr. Carlo, a USC graduate physical therapist from empower therapy, for a presentation over ACL tears! He went over different types of muscles, tenedons, ligaments, bones structures of our lower body, ending the lecture with a insightful Q&A! Check him out:

Dr. Shane

We invited Dr. Stephanie Shane, a physical therapist from House of Physical Therapy, for a live presentation to answer and lecture over tendons & ligaments such as MTJ, OTJ, ACL, PCL! She also went over the causes and prevention of shin splints. Check her out:  

Dr. Zachary Tannous

We invited Dr. Zachary Tannous, a chiropractor from Live Fit Gym, for a live Q&A to answer our questions regarding athletic injuries! He shared his experience as an athlete and went over how to prevent prominent injuries. Check him out:  

Alexa Severtsen

We invited Licensed Massage Therapist Alexa Severtsen from Alexa LMT for a live Q&A! She went over topics around navigating healthcare, massage therapy, injury prevention, and operating her own healthcare business! Check her out: 

Dr. Cory Singer

We invited Dr. Cory Singer, a chiropractor from Singer Chiropractic Wellness Center, for a live Q&A to answer and lecture over specific injuries! He also went over how to maintain health and safely adjust our own bodies. Check him out:          

Kyle Davey

We invited Coordinator of Athletic Performance Kyle Davey from Northwest Rehab! He went over topics around speed development, sample workouts, how conditioning differs from speed, injury prevention, and technical analysis on running! Check him out: