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Please go to our “about” page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and fill out the form to join FAA!

FAA accepts any amount of donation. Simply click “custom” in the donate tab to enter your personal amount of donation!

No worries! We realized that everyone comes from different backgrounds and financial situations! Thus, you can also help by donating your used sporting equipment and mask donations!

The US has the highest rate of athletic injuries in the world! Millions of children get injured annually, and sports teams often neglect to provide protective equipment to decrease injury rates. By joining FAA, you can take the next step to help provide children with equipment and the protective knowledge they need!

Our fitness and health are the most important aspects of our personal lives. But How much do you really know about your own health?

If your answer is little to none, you are at the right place! Our speaker webinars will provide knowledge that strengthens your health and protect your own body!

We currently have eight different branches in three countries! You can start your own branch by going to our “about” page! 

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