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Article #5: Athletes Vaccination: yes or no?

Article #4: The Controversy behind "The Washington Redskins"

Article #3: Should Athletes be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem?

Article #2: Should athletes be required
to attend press interviews?

Article #1: Should collegiate athletes
Get paid?

Dr. Carlo Sayo

We invited Dr. Carlo, a USC graduate physical therapist from empower therapy, for a presentation over ACL tears! He went over different types of muscles, tenedons, ligaments, bones structures of our lower body, ending the lecture with a insightful Q&A! Check him out:

Dr. Shane

We invited Dr. Stephanie Shane, a physical therapist from House of Physical Therapy, for a live presentation to answer and lecture over tendons & ligaments such as MTJ, OTJ, ACL, PCL! She also went over the causes and prevention of shin splints. Check her out:  

Anthony Watson