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Future Athletes Association

Our Reason

Did you know that over 50% of all athletic injuries are preventable with the appropriate equipment and knowledge? Did you also know that many low-income schools cannot afford athletic programs, which misses out on the numerous benefits of sports? Future Athletes Association is created to ensure that every child has a chance to have fun with their sports safely and joyfully!

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Our Mission

Future Athletes Association is a 501c3 nonprofit that aims to assist the sports journeys of both future and underprivileged athletes. Future Athletes Association has three main goals: provide athletic equipment, expand athletic injury prevention knowledge, and promote sports participation!

Our progress


Masks donated

We donate masks to high school sports teams to ensure their health!


equipment Donated

We provide sporting equipment to those who cannot afford them!

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We take tax-deductible donation to provide schools with equipment and athletic programs!

What we want to accomplish



In order to protect our future athletes from athletic injuries, we need your help now! Through your generous donations, we are able to accumulate money to donate protective equipment to athletes. We can also purchase athletic goods and donate them to underprivileged children, giving them the opportunity to fly free on the fields they love!

Guest Speakers

By inviting professional guest speakers, we are able to spread awareness for athletic injury prevention, careers in sports, and health tips. If you are a professional physical therapist, chiropractor, Olympian, or an experienced athlete who is interested in guest speaking, please reach out to us!


We as a nonprofit will not take your generous donations for granted. Through community service events, we are able to give back to our society. We will also use your donations to host fundraisers and accumulate more money to provide our future athletes with the equipment they need!

We want each and every athlete to have a bright future

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